New features

-ACD/ASR/LCR(least cost routing) in routing gateway
-API (application programming interface) supported so that you can integrate with your web/app for automation jobs such as Create account, add fund, view calls, modify gateways…
-Dynamic blacklist to block abuse/bad-number calls for making route cleaned in high ASR
-Whitelist by group applied to routing gateway
-IVR PBX/CallBack/CallingCard supported
-Automatically email reporting for used-traffic to your client email daily/weekly/monthly
-Excel 2016 ratesheet supports upto 1 million of rows/records
-Alarm emails for System/Network/Disk/MappingGateway/RoutingGateway/Balance
-Check quality via performance tools HistoryPerformance/GatewayPerformance/OperationPerformance
-RoutingGateway can use Domain name instead of IP
-More report management types
-100% client portal is customized by for you in private business label
-100% emails with your own business label
-Multiple IPs supported

-Any new login session is reported and notified via email
-Additional UUID string for login authentication beside username and password
-VOS Client Platform Operation is full cleaned, no virus detected against other providers somewhere
-100% full anti-hacking technology from our own customization

Software download: [100% no virus file]
User: demo
Pass: demo@999
UUID: aa7c3711-b0fa-4995-a2ba-14c31aed9a11


Support is available for paid clients using service. There is no support, no guide for demo user
Support via ticket system/skype/phone
Support is powerful and valuable from our senior software engineer team
Knowledge base:

It is great time now to upgrade your server to VOS version 4.0, it should make your voip business more successful and more valuable for more perfect voip quality control

To get started, please go to our client portal at …to other new package 4.0, your service will be deployed as soon as possible time and not over 12 hours. If you need to upgrade current service, then you can choose Upgrade VOS 4.0 Add-on in Product/Service detail in your client control panel

Thank you for using - A fully experience service for VOS softswitch.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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