VOIP Enterprise Support

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$199.00 USD
NOC(Network Operation Center)
Assist you a hand to keep your voip traffic stable and quality. VOS3000Hosting team will check and improve your voip quality, help you increase ACD, ASR, as well as warning bad traffic, gateway monitoring...it makes your business valuable by the time.

A company should have a least a NOC person to maintain his service for the business. VOS3000Hosting NOC service is experient and low cost.
$79.00 USD
Remote VOIP configuration
Configure your own voip gateway device, such as GOIP GSM Dinstar, HyperMedia, 2N, GOIP (hybertone), TELES, iGate, Skyline, HyperMedia, ejointech, GOIP SK, Gempro, SysMaster…Make it connected to IP-PBX, SoftSwitch, VOS, Voipswitch…in success.
$159.00 USD
Remote VOIP installation
Install your own software or opensource to your own server for experiential skills needed, such as some VOIP platform Voipswitch, VOS, Asterisk, Free-switch, Vici-Dial...

VOS3000Hosting team will install the software by your request completely, the installation includes database, third party modules, run-configurations...Finally, we will confirm you details after done.
$139.00 USD
Server Administration
VOS3000Hosting team assist you to manage and maintain your server in administration role. we beside you and help you resolve server problems quickly

Instead of hiring an employee for high cost, the Server Administration service can help you have a sharing employee with affordable cost.
$159.00 USD
VOIP encryption
VOIP default is not encrypted. ISP(internet service provider) can read the data transmitting between server and termination then the ISP can block VOIP packages on the transmittion from their internal/goverment policy. To prevent this problem and make data secured then we need an encryption solution to be protected 100%

Depend on your termination device supported or not for encryption, Vos3000hosting team will have suitable solution to help you fully encrypted so that your valuable voip traffic is stable and private.