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Codec Convertor Service (1)
Convert common codecs such as G711 to G723/G729...
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Pre-Sales questions (16)
Some common enquires about our product/service: datacenter location, payment type, features...
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VOS 4.0 - more guides (6)
Our own customization and stability version 4.0 makes you sucecss with full anti-hacking technology
VOS on-mobile (1)
Guide how to use the service
VOS3000 Public Guides (29)
Common configurations for VOS3000 softswitch
Client VOS3000 - Error: Java runtime environment (JRE)
Client software raises error regarding Java rumtime environment(JRE), it means that your Windows...
Codec convertor service
Codec Convertor In almost countries where internet has high speed often use codec G711 in VOIP....
SIP response code list
List All Known SIP Responses? SIP responses are the codes used by Session Initiation Protocol...
VOS3000 - Client account settings for Dynamic gateway / Static gateway / Phone
Meaning clearing: Client -----send calls ----> VOs3000hosting.com softswitch service...
Prefix/CallerID translation rules for inbound/outbound
Translation rule or rewrite rule is the same meaning. The rule is used for inbound and outbound...