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Codec Convertor

In almost countries where internet has high speed often use codec G711 in VOIP. These G711 calls eat much bandwidth because G711 is uncompression data.

G711 uses 64Kbps while G729 uses 8Kbps and G723 uses 5.3/6.3 Kbps.

For countries where internet bandwidth has low speed or 3G charge is high cost, then a codec convertor middle man is needed to convert G711 to G723 or G729 to save bandwidth money and increase the ACD also make voice quality be better because connected calls have redundancy bandwidth in conversation and talk more.


VOS3000Hosting.com Codec Convertor Service as a middle man (proxy) between your client and your softswitch/VOS, we help you convert codec G711 or any codec to your expected codec such as G723/G729. Just buy the service and assign your own techprefix and give us your server ip, then we will setup all at our side (middle man) and then your client can send traffic to our side to get codec converted and afterward forward to your server with your expected codec.



Easy setup and get traffic for codec converted from specified clients

ACD is increased and more channels can be added into termination gateway

Save cost of 3G/ADSL bandwidth

Make your client happy for long time business in high voice quality


Service plan

VOS3000hosting.com offers affordable codec convertor service, you can start anytime and don't need to setup anything except client credentials at your softswitch/VOS side

Minimal ports: 40

Monthly fee: $32

Pay as you go for more ports when you need




How does it work - Setup Codec Convertor for your client


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