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Can i choose server location?

To have good location of datacenter, you can use ping command line to test response time for latecency. The ping command should be excuted from termination side where connects to Vos3000hosting.com softswitch server at lowest latency.

We provide international data centers, and you can ping to test latency, after that choose a good one, and give it to your order form so that server will be deployed in your expected location.

[Euro][StandardDC03] Amsterdam2, Netherland, IP_Ping_Test:
-[Euro][StandardDC03] Amsterdam3, Netherland, IP_Ping_Test:
-[Euro][StandardDC03] London, UK, IP_Ping_Test:
-[Euro][StandardDC05] Frankfurt, Germany, IP_Ping_Test:

[Euro][StandardDC04] Paris, France, IP_Ping_Test:
[Euro][StandardDC04] Amsterdam, Netherlands, IP_Ping_Test:
[Euro][StandardDC04] Frankfurt, Germany, IP_Ping_Test:
[Euro][StandardDC04] London, UK, IP_Ping_Test:

[USA][StandardDC03] New York2, IP_Ping_Test:
-[USA][StandardDC03] New York3, IP_Ping_Test:
[USA ][StandardDC03] San Francisco, IP_Ping_Test:

[USA][StandardDC04] Atlanta/Georgia,  IP_Ping_Test:
[USA][StandardDC04] Chicago/Illinois,  IP_Ping_Test:
[USA][StandardDC04] Los Angeles, California,  IP_Ping_Test:
[USA][StandardDC04] New York/New Jersey,  IP_Ping_Test:
[USA][StandardDC04] Dallas, Texas,  IP_Ping_Test:
[USA][StandardDC04] Seattle/Washington,  IP_Ping_Test:
-[USA][StandardDC04] Miami/Florida,  IP_Ping_Test:
-[USA][StandardDC04] Silicon Valley/California,  IP_Ping_Test:

[Asia][StandardDC03] Singapore,  IP_Ping_Test:
[Asia][StandardDC04] Tokyo, Japan,  IP_Ping_Test:
[Asia][StandardDC06] Moscow, Russia,  IP_Ping_Test:

[Australia][StandardDC04] Sydney, Australia,  IP_Ping_Test:
-[Africa][StandardDC05] Johannesburg, South Africa, IP_Ping_Test:
-[Africa][StandardDC07][+$10][Free 100GB first +$1/GB next] Cape town, South Africa, IP:
Example: Test ping from your current location(where your PC is located) to our data center. Find the best with package loss = 0 and time should be < 400ms (mili-seconds)

Ping sample to test packages loss

Batch ping tool
If you want to test multiple locations once rather than using command line to ping per IP. Download and run small utility Vos3000hosting.com DataCenter PingTest. Download here
After download done, click on it to run directly without installation

Tool for ping datacenters

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