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What are support channels for my product/service?

VOS3000Hosting.com offers 24/7 support

Working hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-8PM PST time

Online chat for internal help: Chat online with us with Skype or MSN IM. Our ID is "info@vos3000hosting.com"
Ticket support: When you have an issue, you can submit a ticket from your account logged in. You can get answer in minites depend on your timezone and our timezone differences, however your ticket will be answer within 12 hours or max 24 hours.

In case, you have emergency problem, such as server downed, network problem...Just open a ticket and make phone to us for asking to proceed your emergency ticket posted.

For difficult questions, it can take some days to build enough information to give you best solutions.

VOS3000Hosting.com always efforts to bring your business with our servers stably time to time and 365 days support.

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