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Why should i use VOS switch from vos3000hosting.com?

- Exclusive Anti Hacking that takes your softswitch downed

- Your own business name and logo and domain instead of default

- We provide VOS switch stable version, full modules are tested successfully and customer portal module is customized with your own business name.

- we provide our own tool CDR OneClick Exporter, that help you export all customer's CDR to CSV files with just one click.

- Your traffic is secured and we work with you for long time business

- Friendly support team, available to assist you resolve issues when you need a hand

- We care your switch server by heart so that it is guaranteed uptime 99.99% and make your business stable

- No need for Linux skills, use our switch server as the software on the windows, easy to use and easy to understand.

- Free documents, free sample diagram to make quick configuration and start your business immediately

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