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Guide - Realtime monitoring service

Vos3000hosting monitoring service is a great tool to get instant notification to your own email/sms as soon as the server / gateway / database / website…is downed without manually monitoring by the eyes that takes much time for business. The tool works automatically, it is best assistant to build your service quality for stability with your customers and enrich your business value.





After you have ordered the service from url https://clientarea.vos3000hosting.com/real-time-system-monitoring-service-to-email-sms-free, then login your account, click menu "My services"





Click on Details of the Monitoring product there, you should see below
Example: We have IP of softswitch/gateway, we want to monitor it for online/offline status notification to our email and sms both.

We need to add Contact first, click button "Manager Alert Contacts"





Input your email and mobile number, the mobile number is used to received SMS message, it must follow the format: (+) + CountryCode + PhoneNumber, example: USA phone number is 3234445555 and USA country code is 1, then you must input +13234445555. Sign + is required before the country code.

Click "Save"




Then you see the Edit Contact, if you want to add more SMS numbers or emails, then you can input them and save.

Click button "Notification Lists"



The notification list will define how to be gotten alerts to email/sms  on the failure and recovery events

Click "Add New Notification List"



Input the list name

Click "Next"




If we need to get notification to email, choose a contact for wanted email from the member list

Click "Save"




If we need to get notification to sms, choose a contact for wanted sms from the member list

Click "Save"





Then you should see below

Note: The alert is based on the checks. Example we have checks: …1-ON -> 2-ON -> 3-ON -> 4-OFF(failure) -> 5-OFF -> 6-OFF ->7-OFF ->8-ON(recovery fired) ->9-ON…

Send first alert = After 2 failures, we see 5-OFF is the check after 2 failures setting, the check 5-OFF will send alert

Repeat = After every 2 checks, we see 7-OFF is the check after every 2 checks setting, the check 7-OFF will send alert

Max alerts per failure: Since the first alert is sent, afterthat you can get more alerts from the repeat setting. To avoid to many alerts, then you can limit the number of alerts from the Max alert per failure setting.

Receovery alert: As soon as the check is good, we see 8-ON is the recovery check, the check 8-ON will send alert.

The counter of checks will be resetted as soon as Recovery check is fired.


Click "Checks"



Click "Add New Check"




Input the Check information

We use "Ping" check type to check ICMP package on default port 25, if the Ping does not get response then it raises failure/offline event. Make sure your server/gateway open the ICMP port 25 if not the Ping will not work.

Click "Save"





Depend on the frequence of the check to be run, you will have check statistics after the check-run completes.

Click "View Check Stats"




We should see checks for every 1 minue from our setting above.

Your system will be fine if there is no failure and all checks are passed.





You must login to get full view and you must have at least one active product in-use.

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