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Does switch server support VPN?

VPN is known as secured way to hide VOIP packages with Internet Service Provider (ISP). VPN will create encryption data tunnel to transmit between endpoints. The data (SIP/H323 message, network packages, voice media stream...) on the tunnel is encrypted and no one knows their content.

If using VPN, it means that client will connect to VPN server and VPN server acts as middle man to encrypt/decrypt data on the tunnel before forwarding it to VOS3000 softswitch server. Of course, if VPN server and VOS3000 softswitch server is not the same data center, there will have latency that may affects to VOIP voice quality.

Fortunately, VOS3000 also supports encryption method to transmit data between it and client(softphone, IPPBX, GOIP, Softswitch...) directly, there is almost no latency in this method. However, client must support encryption method RC4. In short, there are some GOIP devices produced by companies: Shanghai Chu Cheng Information Technology, Shenzhen technology...In addition, between two VOS3000 softswitch also supports this encryption way.

If customer has no VPN server, we offer VPN server for rent. Check service in your client portal. You can order and cancel anytime you like.

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